sâmbătă, 7 mai 2016

Seminar: Cap și gât, patologie și tratament

Alasdair Hotston Moore has lectured in the UK, Europe and North America on various subjects in Small Animal Surgery, as well as having taught the subject at the University of Bristol veterinary school for many years.  He is now a Director of a referral practice in England but maintains a keen interest in teaching both undergraduates and post graduates.  

The topics he will be speaking about on this occasion are:

Ear surgery in dogs and cats

Surgery of the ear canal and middle ear is commonly performed in first opinion and referral practice.  This lecture will consider the indications for these surgeries and then present the two most important surgical procedures: total ear canal ablation and ventral bulla osteotomy.  The technical details of the procedures cannot be presented in a lecture but the speaker will present an overview of the technique, practical tips and consider the complications that can occur

Chronic nasal disease in dogs
Chronic nasal disease is a common reason for referral.   The speaker will consider the methods of diagnosis and then the features and treatment of the diseases most commonly diagnosed (neoplasia, chronic rhinitis and mycotic rhinitis).

Upper airway obstruction in dogs, including laryngeal paralysis and brachycephalic obstructive syndrome
The two most common causes of airway obstruction in dogs are laryngeal paralysis and BOS.  We will review the way in whip they present, diagnosis and management of the acute case.  We will then consider the most practical surgical treatments for each.